Bitcoins are a digital form of currency, created in 2009.  They are like dollars or euros, but they are not issued by any nation and are completely on the internet.

WEIRD RODEO is proud to be the first theater company in Texas to accept Bitcoins for tickets and donations.

We believe live theater is a one-of-a-kind moment that exists exactly in the now, and can never be duplicated.  Live theater is a bespoke experience, tailor-made for the eyes of the people seeing it—because once the play closes, it will never be seen just that way again.  As such, we believe that staying on the forefront of culture is crucial to our work.  In order to make a play that fits contemporary American life, we strive to stay connected with contemporary American life.

If you would like to donate Bitcoins to Weird Rodeo, please use this number to access our Bitcoin Wallet.


Thank you.